Johnny Sprockets I would like to thank for participating in the ZORSE event and for supporting the art! Go checkout Johnny Sprockets located off of 3001 North Broadway, Chicago, IL. They will be carrying new tee shirts printed by the ZORSEmen so check them out as well as get all of your bicycle needs from a good group of guys!



Hey everyone,

This is the ZORSEmen and I will starting a Kickstarter to help me raise money towards my ZORSE RELEASE PARTY happenin in the fall…hopefully we are looking for dates leading up to Halloween and I want the theme to be circus related.

There will be a raffle to win Zorsemens new line of tee shirts as well as the first 50 people will be given a ZORSE MASKS!!!

I will be selling all my art, tees, and prints inside of a circus cart booth, crazy lights and freaks walking around!!!

I will have DJ friends as well performances by a few close friends of mine that will be released very soon to the public.

If anyone wants to donate please let me know or email me. If you are in a business, I will put your logo of your business on my flyers and there are rewards depending on the amount donated.

Here is how the donations and rewards will work and you can participate on kickstarter within the next week or so…

Here’s as follows…
Everything that the sponsors donate will go to help me buying at least 200 tee shirts, inks, 50 zorse masks, supplies like lights, other matterials to fabricate a carnie like booth vintage clothes to be worn for the event, and other props, supplies to hang art, and helping to pay for flyers and help hanging flyers.
Every business that donates will have their logo and name on the flyer handouts and posts throughout the city of Chicago, the suburbs, and facebook, and other advertising sites, such as the ZORSE site and other sites linked to the event. I am sure I can get it to other sources through friends in advertising and workout music and through alys fb and site too.
$25 sponsorship…
Includes a piece of literature and acknowledgement as well as what i just stated above…
$50 sponsorship…
Includes all the above and a limited hand-pulled thank you certificate that can be hung and framed…
$100 sponsorship…
Includes all the above a limited hand-pulled screen print event poster…
More than $100 sponsorship…
Includes all the above and an extreme hookup on tee shirt printing services for your business at just cost of shirts…
unless you already have the will get free printed services at a one time offer up to a year, unless otherwise negotiated a head of time.
Thanks again everyone for helping me out and I promise this will be an event not to forget.

Wizard of Gahaz Tee! Will Be Available Soon!

Keep your eye out for this limited tee. only 18 will be available! 6 s, 6 m, & 6 lg., so grab them and place an order while they are hot!!! hot hot hot!!!


This tee shirt will be available at the ZORSE release party! I have the venue in Chicago, but still nothing in Madison… yet! I will release the Chicago venue very very very soon!

Keep a look out everyone and help support ZORSE!!!


Lucid Panther Dreams

Here is a watercolor I just finished for fun! Will be available at the ZORSE show if interested!




Trippy hip cool guy dia de los muertos skull babies!
Got to go, times up for today! I got some bitches to slap and babies to kiss! Holla!!!

2012 ZORSE Release Party!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOO_YA

Dates will be released for ZORSE 2012 release party! Keep your beautiful ears on the prowl for 2 nights of fun summer jamming!

Live music, alcohol, FREE Zorse mask, pretty people, heavy lights…



Come SUPPORT you LOCAL SCENE of artists and musicians and have a great time until the AM

SECRET after party release at the show!!! Only way to know is to come to the show and ask the ZORSEMEN himself. He will have cards with all the information.

Be there of Be square!!!

Locations will be in MADISON and CHICAGO

Venue will be released soon!!!

GESWERK is at it again: ODYSSEY: 2012

Our dear friends at Segredo will be helping Geswerk put on our 2nd annual SPACE ODYSSEY for 2012!!!

May 19th 9p- 2a

A Future Fashion Show

Upcoming DJs

18 to Dance/ 21 to time travel

$10.00 cover earthlings

Promo Poster by Graphic Design: Craig Droessler
Check him out and his creation: Mylight

Follow up design!!! Collage Teaser

Got Bored